Puzzle Moppet is now free. Get it on the main page.
Puzzle Moppet
Garnet Games Puzzle Moppet

Due to the lack of sales and interest in the game, Puzzle Moppet is now free.

Full version downloads: Windows Mac Linux. Puzzle editor info: click here.

*** Source code now released: download here - further asset sources ***

Also see this third party continuation with fully open source assets.

Puzzle Moppet is a serenely peaceful yet devilishly challenging 3D puzzle game.


Save the Moppet from itself

The Moppet is lost and alone in the space wilderness, feeling sad and depressed. You are its only hope. Can you help?

Brain melting puzzles

Guide the Moppet through the vast and eternal void of space, solving puzzles ranging from the delightfully docile to the devilishly devious.

Beautiful graphics

The sun blooms as the clouds slowly roll by, a rising sea breeze howls softly as it roams the void. Immerse yourself in the lonely tranquility of this mysterious other world.

Full Version
for Windows
(also available for Mac and Linux)
Now Free
it's now free


"a well conceived and executed little puzzle game" - Play This Thing!

"levels that really test your spatial awareness" - SquareGo

"Highly Recommended!" - Indie-Gamers.com

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